Mychael Barratt

'Under Milk Wood I'
Etching / Aquatint 52cm x 66cm

'Under Milk Wood II'
Etching / Aquatint 52cm x 66cm

Life Imitating Art 1
Etching 50/175 75cm x 65cm

Life Imitating Art 2
Etching 92/175 75cm x 65cm

Jack and the Beanstalk
Etching 3/100 72cm x 58cm

Noah's Ark
Etching 28/100 72cm x 58cm

Man of Many Talents
Etching 105/150 44cm x 24cm

All She Wants Is Everything
Etching 141/150 44cm x 24cm

Private View
Etching 58/100 80cm x 100cm

Waterloo Sunset
Etching 80cm x 100cm

Whirlwind Romance
Etching 32/150

Once in a Lifetime

Etching 50cm x 60cm

Beside the Seaside
Etching 36/150 50cm x 60cm

'A Great Day In Harlem'
Etching 55/100 50cm x 67cm

'The Land Of Lost Things 1'
Etching 38/150 45cm x 45cm

'The Land Of Lost Things 2'
Etching 25/150 45cm x 45cm

'Bad Fairies'

some editions sold out check with gallery for availability