I am a designer and maker of decorative glass objects and the manipulation of light is the central theme of my work.
I create objects that contain unique patterned windows that cast beautiful shadows that extend past the object decorating the surface beneath it. These handmade windows add a delicate design detail that ensures every object I make is different. The position, size and shape of the window are carefully chosen to maximise its impact; it’s a small piece of drama wrapped up in a flowing form.

The creation of contrast and drama is always my intention. I use colour together with inherent opacity and transparency properties of glass to achieve this result. Colour and pattern have always intrigued me and this fascination is reflected directly in the objects I design and make.

Nature and 20th Century fine art are key sources of inspiration to me. My colour palette is influenced by the figurative paintings of Max Beckmann, Pablo Picasso and especially those by Francis Bacon.
I enjoy Bacon’s movement filled paintings because they contain a high contrast presentation of colour.

The sharp, contorted sword-like leaves of the sansevieria plant (Mother-in-law’s tongue) and the voluptuous sculptures of Barbara Hepworth and Paul Mount influence the form of my work.
Simple, elegant flowing curves are an essential part of the designs I create.

The detailed decorative patterns I make are derived from my abstracted drawings and photographs of nature; those beautiful objects that surround us. Water is the subject I have recently examined focussing specifically on its depth of movement and ever changing surface texture.

I find glass totally fascinating, it energises me, it makes me happy and I’m pleased to say I’m totally addicted.